Where is the location of the competition?

Each competition is held in a high quality venue.
Please visit our TOUR SCHEDULE page to find information on the venue in your city.

When should I arrive?

Your instructor may have a specific time he or she would like for you to arrive.
We try to stay close to the posted schedule, but please allow for unforeseen variances.
We recommend arriving early enough to be ready to dance one hour prior to your posted performance time.

Is there an admission charge?

No, all our shows are free to the general public. Please feel free to bring lots of family and friends to watch your performers.

Are photos/videos allowed?

Starting with our 2009 Season, all cameras of any kind are prohibited during performances.
This includes smart phones with video capability.

What does my child receive?

Each soloist will receive an acrylic trophy based on his or her placement.
For all other numbers, we will award one trophy to the studio and appropriate ribbons may be picked up for all group members. Competitive first place winners will receive an additional trophy. High score winners will also receive a trophy or plaque and appropriate ribbons.

What about cash awards?

Cash awards are given to the studio. Soloists can pick up their awards at the competition.
All other cash awards will be combined and mailed to the studio after the competition.
The distribution of cash awards is left to the directors.

Where do I find information about your National Finals?

Please visit our NATIONALS page for more specific information.

Do you take independent entries?

At this time we do not accept independent entries.

Where can I find rules and prices?

Please visit our AWARDS AND RULES page for more specific information.

Where can I order trophies, videos and merchandise?

Trophies and merchandise are available for purchase at the competition. At this time, we do not allow merchandise orders after the competition, however we will take orders for trophies. Please email us with your information, studio, and placement trophy you are requesting. We will contact you to process the transaction. Videos and action stills may be purchased through Take 2.

Do you have special rules regarding inappropriate costumes/music/dance moves?

Stage One is a family-oriented business and points will be deducted, at judges' discretion, for inappropriate or suggestive music/costumes/dance moves.

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